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Atrak river map

You are here:Home#Watersheds maps#Atrak (Atrek) river: Watersheds map. Share. Read times. Show Street View. Published in Watersheds maps. Atrak (Atrek) river: Watersheds map. Position. You are here:Home#Watersheds maps#Atrak (Atrek) river: Watersheds map. Share. Read times.

Atrak River Cadastre map preparation and surveying. Atrak River Cadastre - preparing topographical map with 1 meter curve level. -preparing . Download scientific diagram | Map of Iranian south Caspian Sea basin some of the most important river systems: Aras, Kura, Sefidrud, and Atrak rivers and the. This page presents the geographical name data for Atrak River in Iran, as supplied by the US military intelligence in electronic format, including the geographic.

The Atrak & Sombar River Basin. The Harirud Major basins map. Precipitation ✓Atrak River Basin is located at north east of Iran in three provinces. Map. Principal rivers and lakes of Iran including border drainages. Dotted lines indicate seasonal lakes and Atrak river water chemistry (A), and Atrak lakes (B) .

The remainder comes in from the rivers of the southern, Iranian shore. Apart from the Atrak (Atrek) River of southern Turkmenistan, the sea's arid eastern shore is. The study area has located on Atrak river basin in the Iran-Turkmenistan Physiographic-tectonic zoning map of Iran's sedimentary basins, modified from [1 ].

Transboundary River Basins (RB) Component: aims and objectives. ( WaterGAP and WBM) use the same land mask (CRU world map) and the ( Atrak and Baraka) increase by three categories, and in 3 basins the risk. Water quality - environmental water stress. Download map. Current view. World. Africa. West and Central Asia. East Asia. Europe. North America. South America. Atrak River (Atrakriver) - (Iran) Map, Weather and Photos. Atrak River (Atrakriver) - is a stream (a body of running water moving to a lower level in a channel on.

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