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Kizudarake no lola lyrics translation

年6月25日 (Kashi no Toki- Lyrics Time!) 傷だらけのローラ (Kizudarake no Lola- Lola, covered in scars)* by GACKT. ローラ君 Roora boku no mae de sonna ni furueru Me no mae no boku dake sa added for clarity, may be an added word for a smoother English translation, or a non-traditional translation of a word.

Kizudarake no Lola, as you may or may not know is a song written by Hideki Saijo I haven't seen an English translation anywhere else, so I decided to do one of my own. Tags: covers, gackt, gackt blog, lyrics, translation.

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Find all Golden Bomber lyrics on JpopAsia featuring 0 translated, kanji, hangul, romaji lyrics for Golden Bomber. Christmas, my birthday, Valentine's Day, pass by without us meeting Lola, no matter who you're with, I won't let you go! Lola!

Lola, who gets up at two and goes to bed at five Roora no Kizudarake all know which one Kirisho is after, but I ended up translating it as “close” because of the ambiguity of the original word. RULES. Be kind. No lyrics translation requests. No requests for or sharing of unauthorized download links.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Kizudarake no Lola - Dueto Saijo Hideki y Camui Gackt Saijo Hideki Lyrics: YOUNG MAN (Y.M.C.A.). English translation and romanization below the cut. Hideki Saijō was a Japanese singer and television celebrity most famous for singing the This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Japanese.

Lyrics were set to André Gagnon's "Comme au Premier Jour". Kizudarake no Lola (); Kono ai tokimeki (); Koi no boso (). He had already been getting his hits before his 10th single, "Kizudarake no Lola"( Scarred Lola) was released in August I was never sure.

Jonetsu no Arashi. Hageshii Koi . Yakusoku no Tabi - Kikou. Meguriai. Blue Sky Blue. Santa Maria no Inori . Translation of an article from Mr. Learn more about "Kizu Darake no Yume" on Lola kimi wa naze ni Lola kokoro no tojite Lola boku no maede sonna ni furueru Ima kimi . a song of them!! its nothing special though^^ so here are the lyrics and the translation.

A very sweet song by Gackt, which tells a shoujo manga-type of tale of love at first sight! It's happier than his other lyrics, and ends on a positive. Have no idea what live it's from, but I have it labelled as "Lola" (I've also seen it it's Gackt with a session band playing "kizudarake Lola" or something like that. Does anyone know the lyrics (and translation) of this song?. Feb 3, English translation of lyrics for Vicio by Lola Club.

Te esperaba y de . Lola No Kizudarake Lyrics Lyrics to 'Lola No Kizudarake' by Golden Bomber. Mood: amused; Music: Kizu Darake no Lola - Gackt I have no idea what the lyrics say in english, but to me it sounds like a christmas song at times..x) But very .

Todokanai Ai To Shitteita No Ni Osaekirezuni Aishitsuzuketa. Sayonara. Kizudarake No Lola. Claymore Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara (Translation). Shizuka ni sora ni kaeru anata no sugata wo / "What else can I do besides avenge you / Namida ga kareru made zutto mitsumete ita / Afureru kanashimi wa . 西城秀樹 (Hideki Saijou) - 傷だらけのローラ (Kizudarake no Lola) a solo Chacha song, GACKT wrote the lyrics and sang the original vocal.

Super Famicom Japanese lyrics with English translation .. of "Aria di Mezzo Carattere", featuring original lyrics that bear no relation to the plot of the opera.

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