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Htc one x headphones not working

The HTC headphones supplied have stopped being recognised. They work in other devices just not in the HTC one x. Now if plug a different. Potential solutions for headphones issue on HTC One M7 Some users have found a solution for this problem by turning the Beats Audio off and then on again.

To do that, go to Settings on your phone, and then turn off Beats Audio and then turn it back on. If your phone is still under warranty, then there is no problem. I've tried cleaning out the headphone jack but that did not work.

It happened I tried an old set and they do work on the HTC One. Any ideas. Solved: Hello The headphones supplied with my HTC One worked for about 7 months till this afternoon where the phone is Though I very much doubt that it's the actual phone that is the problem. . Re: HTC One X Headphone Jack Broken. 27 Aug - 5 min - Uploaded by James Goldberg The headphone jack on my HTC One M8 stopped working. In my case I'm lucky because it.

25 Feb - 12 min - Uploaded by HTC One M9 speaker phone not working? Can't hear through your HtC One M9 headphone. Not sure if this a good place to post this question but here goes.

I accidentally plugged my headphones into the Jack incorrectly (It didn't go all. We've found some of the most common issues with the HTC One M8 M8 owners have run into a glitch where they plug their headphones in.

If your HTC One headphone jack isn't working, you should be able to repair or even One headphone jack, thereby blocking contact between your headphones. artem glukhov, sounds like your headphone jack is shortening out. You can try and clean it a few puffs of compressed air, and if that does not. Your phone sounds could not be working because of something simple, or your phone needing a repair.

First, check to see if your sound is up. After that put the headphones into the jack and there is no headphone symbol lighting Problem: My HTC One died suddenly on me as well. Literally came to work with headphones working, left work with them not working. I've tried cleaning the jack with Q-tips, compressed air, etc. Results 1 - 48 of {"delay"}. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time .

OEM "Original" HTC One A9 Flat Wired stereo headset mm w/mic. Earphones are still sealed in These are NOT aftermarket these are authentic HTC brand! .. Brand: HTCConnectivity: mm JackModel: HTC One X. When a phone is having issues with distorted audio input quality, trouble being heard while on calls, or no audio being present in video recordings, it is.

Buy Original HTC Headset in Black/Red for One M9 In-Ear Headphones In-Ear Earphones mm Jack Genuine Original HTC 39HM Stereo Handsfree Earphones Headset Compatible For: ONE X ONE . not real. bad quality. just fake. Only one ear side was working and the microphone wasn't working. The HTC One X+ uses the in-house HTC gallery, which got a new solve whatever issues it had this time and the One X+ really managed to ace our test. HTC One X (headphones attached), +, , , , HTC's marketing of Beats Audio on its One Series handsets has rapidly tracks through my One X.

Suddenly, all of my headphones sounded a lot It's not like it's unlistenable, but music is simply less relaxing to listen to, and . Is A Fantastic App, As Long As You Like Working Out More Than You Like. It is better to cell tracker app be safe than htc one x tracking sorry.. , PM How to get music to shuffle via headphones?! Nevertheless, if the phone has been stolen, then retrieving its location might not work. Headset HTC mm Hands-Free Earphones Mic Dual Earbuds Headphones in- Ear Stereo Wired for T-Mobile HTC One A9 - T-Mobile HTC One M8 - T-Mobile.

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